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Tours – Half Day Tours

A Tale of 2 Cities (Belize City & Altun Ha)

The focus is on the contrast between the ancient Maya city of Altun Ha, and modern day Belize City. Altun Ha thrived as a Maya trading post, and Belize City influenced by colonialism.
$64.90US + 9% tax

The City & The Sanctuary
(City & Belize Zoo)
Drive through the commercial capital and see the historic buildings that still exist from old British Honduras. Head to the Belize Zoo and see Belize’s prolific wildlife in one location.
$64.90US + 9% tax

Community Baboon Sanctuary
Located on the Olde Belize River, the sanctuary exhibits coexistence between Belizeans and nature. A healthy population of black howler monkeys exist due to this.
$64.90US + 9% tax

Rainforest ATV
Board your automatic ATV and explore the pristine jungle. Stop at one of the caves where ancient Maya ceremonies were performed to appease the gods. Must be 16 with drivers license.
(Daily except Wed.)
$80.85US + 9% tax

Museum of Belize & Mangrove Tunnels
The Belize City Museum houses ancient Maya artifacts and bits of colonial history. Then cruise through the mangrove tunnels; home to healthy populations of wildlife including birds, crocodiles and more.
$64.90US +9% tax

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
(Daily) $64.90US + 9% tax

Historic Belize City
(Daily) $58.85US + 9% tax